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american life

China Steps is a Leed based band 'going by the name of China Steps, there’s a wonky dynamism to the five-piece – who it must be noted are something of a supergroup – with members plucked from some of Leeds’ most eminent bands. Comprised of Thomas Barr, Ewan Barr, Matt Pownall, Stanley Braddock and Lachlan Banner, the members hail from Eades, Drahla, Van Houten and Genie Genie.'  - Far Out Magazine Article on 'China Steps'

the client

the brief

China Steps approached me to visualize their music video, wanting to focus on the theme of ‘Schadenfreude’ set to the backdrop of their music, in the aim of a debut publishing to Youtube. The band was very taken with my 'Rontgen' video and wanted to emulate a similar styled video.

commission label-02.png

the solution

I chose to focus on the 'American life' theme, with deliberate colour scheme or red and white and some blue. The video captures the moment a slow motion tornado of items cascading downwards as if a bag had slipped and let loose its contents.I tried to go for the the idea of what you might find in a common 90s angsty teen's bedroom floor, coupled with some more romantic flair with roses and pearls - but also featuring nostalgic Americana items such as 'tin phones.' The video was made using real life items and props I made, animated in slow motion, then rendered and eventually turned into physical scanned papers that gives it that wonky textured and retro feel.


behind the scenes

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