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dyfodol dyfi

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the client

Dyfodol Dyfi is a research gathering and community-based ongoing project that endevours to 'discover what community means to us and celebrate what our communities do well' to help support funding applications.

the brief

I was approached by Dyfodol Dyfi to help contribute to their community project by producing a series of tailored and responsive illustrations and animations that reflected the voices of the community and what they wanted to see improve in the area.

the solution

I took part in the project, physically attending the pop up shop where the project took place, interacting and talking to local people and observing the comments they had written down. I draw my illustrations and created animations live in the shop over a period of four days.

The results are a series of illustrations, both moving and static, the represent and respond to sentiments felt by the community. These images were later used in case studies made by the project's report, and helped illustrate their findings.

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