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I appreciate a portfolio can be visually overwhelming, so I've put together some 'styled' packages so you can better see what style might suit you and your project best.

hand drawn

I have lived and breathed drawing since
as long as I can remember and so it's where
my artistic
flair is most prominent.

Whether it's animation or illustration,
hand drawn design is distinctive due
to it's notorious
difficulty to do well.
It's time
consuming, no matter how good you are - and because of that, it's expensive.

By choosing a hand drawn technique you are choosing a distinguishable style that's
a cut above the rest; because very few others are doing it.



I have a penchant for texture, and if you like collage, then so do you too.

Collage style is a cheerful and playful way of conveying your visual message. It's a more efficient way of packing in a lot of detail in it's texture and is great way to play around with narration-led storytelling.

Videos are more tactile for it, the viewer could almost reach in and turn the page themselves.


Owain 1.jpg


Object based animation and illustration may well be the most efficient - that's if you have props or physical subjects to play around with.

You'd be surprised with how much you can play around with every day seemingly ordinary objects. Again, this is a very tactile medium and is great if you have an actual product to sell.

Of all the animation styles this is probably the quickest! Of course illustration is also an option too with this style too. 


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