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In response to the brief to reposition menopause, our team has created a multi layered campaign rooted in the trendy but traditional emergence of the craftivism movement.
Our campaign takes the form of an anonymous, easy access app for temporary or permanent conversations, complemented by posters, hand stitched QR codes and a visually established animated ad series, based on ‘traditional women’s craft’, serving as a bridge between generations, ideal for snappy content platforms. 
Embedding inclusivity from the start, with our surveys from menopausal and trans people, our priority is educational for all, menopausal or not.
Distinguish and recognised by a unique style, our campaign maintains a tactile quality both online and offline, unified under one hashtag, #unpausemenopause

animator     editor      sewer      special effects     prop maker      camera     

script writer    health and safety officer     MASKING     general production 


working in a team of three, my roles were:


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