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kodak-nahemi 2022

Kodak Bet in brief-04.png

Kodak-Nahemi is a national student competition hosted every year with an array of represented brands looking to collaborate with prospective winners of the competition.

the brief

One of the brands Kodak-Nahemi represented was ta low/0% alchohol tinned wine brand 'Hun' - the task was to produce a 30 second advert for the company using only 16mm film and no digital editing. This involved animating the entire advert with no rigging , green screens or any other digitized luxuries.

competition label-02.png

the client

the solution

Working as a team we strived to produce an advert that showcased all the situations where a low alcohol wine would best serve the customer. We wanted to focus on reducing the stigma of being alcohol-free, focusing on the benefits. We went with a 'homemade' feel to the style, utilizing cardboard and the colours of the brand. Using the product itself in the animation throughout, we were able to bring life to their range and keep the focus of the advert on the tins themselves.

This advert won 3rd place in 'Best in Brief' within the competition.

Please take a look at this quick behind these scenes video we made with more 16mm film

behind the scenes

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