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the brief

Biblick was  a project produced by myself and Harry Richards as part of our final graduate project in Leeds Arts University. We knew we wanted to crate  project that combined both our strong but very parallel suites - Harry's stop motion/character animation and sound design skills with my 2D tradigital/drawn art style and art direction. 
We both wanted a unique pipeline that would make our animation distinguishable, with a soft textured output reminiscent of film qualities.

the solution

To combine both our opposing skill set, we decided on a stop motion based animation pipeline; Harry would animate a ball and socket armature puppet that I created, I would then take this into software and trace over it and super impose the 2D characters in a 2D world. This allowed for both our skill sets to combine, as well as cutting the time in half for stop motion and for 2D tradigital. The output has a 3D quality effect because of it.

Scroll down for more behind the scenes, and a small video I've made explaining more about the process...


secon shot gif 1.gif
gif of man walking down.gif
POTS 2 gif.gif
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concept art

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