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owain glyndŵr exhibition

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the client

the brief

The Owain Glyndwr Centre wanted to use some recent grant money to fund a renovation of their Owain Glyndwr exhibition. I was tasked with illustrating two chapters to Glyndwr's famed life: with each chapter taking the form of a circular illustration that could be captured by mobile phones that would trigger a looping animation along with an audio narration.
The art had to be comprehensible and appropriate to children aged 11+,
as well as be dual-language.

the solution

Chapter: The Myth
For this chapter I chose to show the many layers that Glyndwr's legacy was built on, and that of the Welsh people. The collage layers take you from the soil and dead, to the carnage of war and slate, to the hills and castles of the wealthy, to then ul
timately the heavens - tying in to Glyndwr's 'prophet' connotations


this chapter outlines the myth of Glyndwr, the great hero who embodies a very traditional historical identity and is a placeholder for a sovereign wales

the story of the Senedd in Cardiff, the 'younger sister' of the Machynlleth  Senedd. whereas the elder sister was a parliament for the nobility, the younger is a parliament for all people. the radical nature of devolution in wales and the power of democracy to affect peoples lives

Chapter: Devolution
For this chapter I wanted to encapsulate the evolution of the Old Parliament building in Machynelleth, where Glyndwr took court, to becoming what we know as the current Senedd, in Cardiff.
I took a more humorous and fluid approach with hand drawn
animation showing it organically shape shifting
from one to the other.


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