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the brief

Working in a team of three, we were briefed with making a 1 minute documentary on the subject of our choice. Experiencing the pandemic at the time, we chose to focus on young children's perspective of growing up in the pandemic and how life adjusted for them.

the solution

We chose to follow a 'child like' style in our medium, converting 2D tradigital animation, printing out individual frames and colouring them in using a black chalkboard, colourful crayon palette and acetate sheets with ink on top.

Animating this way by converting 2D digital frames into physical paper copies allowed us to be deliberate in our quality of animation, but then gave us creative freedom to colour it in more liberally, then scanning and capturing a distinctive texture from the pastels and paper we used.

This animation was nominated by the Royal Television Society Yorkshire in 2022.


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royal television society yorkshire leeds arts university bethan reast faye craig emma drake animation awards leeds
paper texture 2d tradigital cell animation crayon children documentary experimental animation covid pandemic lockdown

behind the scenes

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